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Discover an array of bespoke floral services that redefine luxury and elegance at Cat Designs. From opulent weddings to extravagant parties and prestigious corporate events, we curate exquisite arrangements that elevate every occasion to extraordinary heights.

Services and Collections

Welcome to a World of Exceptional Elegance and Unmatched Artistry. Our Services Page is your gateway to a symphony of meticulously curated offerings that redefine moments and elevate occasions. Explore the pinnacle of creativity and refinement as we guide you through a journey where every detail is an expression of sophistication. From bespoke floral arrangements to ambient transformations, immerse yourself in the extraordinary.

premiere floral collections

01. Classic Collection

Embark on a journey of refined elegance with our Classic collection, where sophistication meets botanical artistry. Immerse your event in an enchanting ambiance as our meticulous team of floral artisans crafts arrangements that evoke a sense of timeless beauty. Every petal is thoughtfully placed to create a symphony of colors and textures, ensuring that your surroundings exude an atmosphere of exquisite charm and sophistication.

01. 10-20 guests

02.private event

03. (3) tables

04. day/night

05. cost effective

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02. Regal Collection

Dive into the Regal Collection, where floral design transcends imagination, taking your event to new heights. Inspired by historic palaces and majestic gardens, our service exudes magnificence and exclusivity. Our artisans meticulously craft bespoke arrangements, incorporating lush foliage and ornate embellishments for an extraordinary experience.

01. 20-30 guests

02.private event

03. (5) tables

04. day/night

05. accent pieces

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03. Opulent Collection

Experience the mesmerizing beauty and theatricality of the Opulent Collection. Designed for those who crave an unparalleled visual journey, our avant-garde designers blend artistry, innovation, and luxury to craft unforgettable events.

01. 30-50 guests

02.private event

03. (8) tables

04. day/night

05. centerpieces

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Custom Decor

Create lasting memories surrounded by an enchanting ambiance, where every petal tells a story of timeless beauty. Let us craft an event that transcends the ordinary—reserve your date now and embrace the essence of refined sophistication. Your journey to timeless elegance begins with a simple click.

Build your own package that fits all your floral desires.

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The Process

1. Inquire

Get in touch with us to confirm the availability of our visionary design team. We value your ideas and vision for the event, and we'll schedule a personal call to listen attentively to your floral dreams. Your event deserves special attention, and we are here to make it a blooming masterpiece.

2. Design

Our creative journey commences with broad, sweeping gestures. We delve into the seasonality, time of day, and the unique ambiance of the venue. As we craft your floral story, we explore colors and textures that resonate with you, forming the heart of our sensory approach. Piece by piece, the elements intertwine to create an enchanting and immersive experience that is utterly you.

3. Details

Immerse yourself in the unfolding artistry as we present mood boards and captivating narratives that breathe life into your floral vision. We'll provide you with a detailed design board for your approval, where every petal and hue is thoughtfully curated. Together, we'll decide on the final details, ensuring no bud is left unplanned.

4. The Big Day

Kind Words

Today, Cathy stands as a true connoisseur of luxury floral design, offering her clients an unparalleled experience that marries artistic vision, impeccable craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service. With gratitude in her heart for the ability to share her gift and passion with others, Cathy is an unrivaled force in the world of high-end floral design.

- Antonia Castillo

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